Mentoring Advocates 

Prairies to Peaks Consulting Inc. provides mentoring programs for workplace and community mental wellness advocates.

Wellbeing Coaching

Mental wellness has a massive impact on the future of our businesses, schools, and organizations.

Peer Support Training

Creating connections is integral for anyone who is struggling with their own situation.

Community of Practice

We firmly believe that the provision of transformative opportunities for wellbeing is possible with a community focus.


Calgary Dental Assistant’s Association

We recently had the pleasure of Beth Henry with Prairies to Peaks Consulting INC. speak to some of our members via zoom, on the topic of “Coping Strategies to Manage Stress.” The topic and information Beth gave us is extremely important not only in our personal lives but also in our profession as registered dental assistants. We deal with our own personal stress as well as the stress of our fellow colleagues and our patient’s every day. Beth gave a fantastic presentation! She kept us all engaged and wanting more! She is cheerful and upbeat who gave us all great points and ideas to try to implement in our daily lives. We were very fortunate to have had this presentation and all left feeling we could tackle anything! We know now that stress can be managed and what works for one may not be what works for the other. Stress and coping strategies are as unique as we are. Thanks again!

Maeghan Heck RDA, President, CDAA

This talk was awesome. Very relevant for today’s overwhelming new way to live with all these precautions. It was easier to understand and way easier to put into your way of life about managing your stress.  You can never get rid of stress but it gives us easy coping skills and changing how we think and what triggers our stress and how to manage it. I have already put some of your tips to changing how I think and that its OK not to finish everything on my list of what I want to do in a day. I like how you got everyone engaging in the topic and validating people’s ideas of how they cope in a stressful moment and what triggers it.

Debbie Kavalo, Member, CDAA

Prairies to Peaks offers limited speaking engagement dates throughout the year. If you are interested in having us speak to your professional organization, please contact us.

Mental Health & Wellness Consultants

The power of Peer Support comes from connection and communication, which are also two of the critical components of a healthy person and a healthy community.

Prairies to Peaks Consulting Inc. believes that mental health and wellness is a social issue, requiring a holistic, community-based approach.

When our participants use their Peer Support skills to help others in their workplaces, churches, and schools , a vibrant community begins to emerge in an organic and exponential way. We provide Canadians with tools to manage their own mental health and teach them to use their lived experience to help those in their personal and professional circles do the same.

Bursary funding offer through the WCPTS. Contact us for more information.

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