Community of Practice: A Digital Network for Peer Supporters

Prairies to Peaks Consulting is built on a foundation of community.

We firmly believe that the provision of transformative opportunities for wellbeing is possible with a community focus.

The creation of healthy, supportive communities forms a major component of mental health and wellbeing. It therefore makes sense for us to create and conserve an online community for peer supporters.

This space is for peer supporters to share their lived experiences and deep insights with others. It is a safe space for sharing, caring, and networking, as well as a space for skill-building, training, and creating opportunities for learning and growth.

Our Digital Space for Peer Supporters

Membership in our Community of Practice has many perks, including advanced skills training modules, regular get-togethers with our world-class facilitators and mentors, and a safe place to continue developing confidence by discussing real-world challenges.

The Community of Practice runs on a digital platform, so you can join the conversations from the comfort of your own home, office, or coffee shop – regardless of your geo-physical location.

Our Digital Community is open to anyone who has completed our Peer Support training programs, or a similar program by another provider. Wherever you gained your peer support skills, we welcome you into our community.

Continuous Training for Peer Supporters

We are here to help you make a lifetime of difference as a peer supporter. You will hear about any opportunities for continued learning and training first in our digital community.

Beyond additional formal training, you will also have access to our world-class facilitators and mentors, as well as the vast knowledge and deep experience of our combined members.

Skill Building for Peer Supporters

By joining discussions about real-world challenges, you will continue to develop your peer support aptitude – and your confidence in your skills. Our digital community is a safe space for you to ask questions, provide feedback, try new things, and hone your skills.

COP is the 4th Wednesday of Every Month

Time: 12 – 1 PM (MST)

Location: Zoom on your phone or computer.
Meeting ID: 654 890 8075  |  Passcode: wcpts

Canadian Telephone Dial-In Number: 1- 587-328-1099
Telephone passcode:  712597

Mentoring Advocates 

Prairies to Peaks Consulting Inc. provides bespoke mentoring programs for workplace and community mental wellness advocates.


Wellbeing Coaching

Mental wellness has a massive impact on the future of our businesses, schools, and organizations.


Peer Support Training

Creating connections is integral for anyone who is struggling with their own situation.


Community of Practice

We firmly believe that the provision of transformative opportunities for wellbeing is possible with a community focus.