Mentoring Advocates for Mental Wellbeing

Prairies to Peaks Consulting Inc. provides customized mentoring programs for workplace and community mental wellness advocates.

With an emphasis on building community, our mentoring and oversight will help your organization develop and embed robust wellbeing programs leading to a lifetime of benefits. Essentially, we build strong communities by equipping ordinary people to make extraordinary

Mentoring Programs Designed for Workplace Mental Wellness Advocates

We offer custom mental health and wellness training and consulting to corporations, businesses, and organizations of any size. Our programs are designed to ensure there is a voice in every organization for anyone suffering from mental illness.

Working with us, you can develop:

  • Organizational curriculum for wellbeing programs
  • Direct mentoring and support for designated workplace mental wellbeing advocates
  • Train-the-trainer courses
  • Designing and implementing wellbeing processes
  • Corporate wellness plan

What is a Mental Wellness Advocate?

A mental wellness advocate is a person who promotes mental wellness within a community, organization, or business. They initiate positive changes, support those in need, and spread awareness about mental and emotional wellbeing.

Benefits of Workplace Mental Wellness Advocates

Beyond the human case for workplace wellness programs (and the potential for happier employees), there is a sound business case for implementing these programs at your organization.

Potential financial benefits associated with embedding advocacy for mental wellbeing within your workplace stem from:

  • increased staff engagement,
  • lower absenteeism,
  • improved productivity, and
  • reduced turnover.

With so much to gain, there is no better time than now to get started.

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We are steadfast in our desire to promote wellbeing in workplaces and organizations by leveraging the power of communities, advocates, and peer supporters.

Mentoring Advocates 

Prairies to Peaks Consulting Inc. provides mentoring programs for workplace and community mental wellness advocates.

Wellbeing Coaching

Mental wellness has a massive impact on the future of our businesses, schools, and organizations.

Peer Support Training

Creating connections is integral for anyone who is struggling with their own situation.

Community of Practice

We firmly believe that the provision of transformative opportunities for wellbeing is possible with a community focus.