Peer Support Training

Creating connections is integral for anyone who is struggling with their own situation.

Whether it is workplace stressors or personal circumstances, peer supporters can provide a sense of empowerment to those who need it.

Prairies to Peaks Consulting Inc. has been training Peer Support Workers for over a decade. We are here to train peer supporters in the best ways to provide support and a sense of empowerment.

Please contact Brian Pugh (403-510-6617) for individual training details and fees.
Fall 2023 /annual 2024 projected dates coming soon.

Peer Support Services

Peer Support is the art of sharing one’s lived experience to cultivate hope in another. A Peer Supporter has a personal understanding of a specific journey, such as a mental health challenge. Peers provide emotional and social support to others who share that experience.

Peer support services are about building connections, breaking down barriers, and providing a safe, stigma-free support network for anyone in need. Peer supporters do this by drawing from their lived experience and their peer support training.

You might provide peer support to:

  • Your family members
  • Co-workers
  • People in your sporting, religious, or community organizations

Peer Support Training Courses

Our Peer Support Training Course is aligned with Peer Support Canada, which is the national standards body for Peer Support. Our training courses are held in high esteem across Western Canada and have been recommended by agencies in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Your peer support training course involves theoretical and situational education designed to equip you with comprehensive practical skills and a sense of confidence in your ability to provide support.

Our Peer Training courses are offered throughout the year and are open to the public.

In-Person Peer Support Training Courses

In-person peer support training courses are provided over two sessions of training. You will be provided with all course materials, refreshments, access to the trainers, and practical opportunities for learning. You will leave with a comprehensive understanding of providing peer support and confidence in your ability to assist those in need of support.

Online Peer Support Training Courses

We believe that peer support training should be accessible to all. Our online peer support training programs and refresher programs allow you to take the course from wherever is convenient for you.

Other Training Courses

  • General Facilitation Skills Training (10 hours max)
  • Core Recovery Series:  Facilitation Training (24 hours max)
  • Advanced Skills Training (6hrs max / mo; different topic each month)
  • Community of Practice: Peer Support Worker Networking/Update Mtg (online,1hour/mo)

CORPORATE TRAINING RATES:  (max. 15 participants)

  • Plan A: Prairies To Peaks Consulting Inc. provides 2 facilitators and digital copy of materials.  All other training costs (refreshments, promotional, facilities. etc.) are responsibility lf the host agency
  • Plan B: Prairies To Peaks Consulting Inc. provides 2 facilitators, individual participant copies for each participant, 1 digital copy of materials for host agency..  Refreshments, promotional, and facilities costs are responsibility of host agency
  • Plan C: Prairies To Peaks Consulting Inc. provides 2 facilitators, all printed and a digital copies of materials, refreshments and facilities.  Host agency provides promotional costs.

Conference Registration:  TBA

More details regarding all the above to come.  Meanwhile, pls either email Prairies To Peaks via for more information, or call/text Brian Pugh’s cell:  403.510.6617

We are steadfast in our desire to promote wellbeing in workplaces and organizations by leveraging the power of communities, advocates, and peer supporters.

Mentoring Advocates 

Prairies to Peaks Consulting Inc. provides mentoring programs for workplace and community mental wellness advocates.

Wellbeing Coaching

Mental wellness has a massive impact on the future of our businesses, schools, and organizations.

Peer Support Training

Creating connections is integral for anyone who is struggling with their own situation.

Community of Practice

We firmly believe that the provision of transformative opportunities for wellbeing is possible with a community focus.